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IFCO Member Spotlight

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IFCO Member Spotlight

Dr. Jaime Pinillos:  Chiropractic Workhorse

By Stephanie Harris, DC

Dr. Jaime Pinillos Montaño is a chiropractic workhorse who endeavors tirelessly on the behalf of students and doctors worldwide in the name of straight chiropractic. A fourth generation chiropractor from Mexico, he graduated in 2006 from Universidad Estatal del Valle de Ecatepec (UNEVE) in Ecatepec. Eight years ago he moved to Barcelona, Spain, where he currently teaches philosophy at Barcelona Chiropractic College (BCC) and runs two practices in nearby towns.

Jaime Pinillos chiropractor IFCOIFCO President Dr. Jack Bourla boasted that Dr. Pinillos is one of the greatest “connectors” he knows. “He loves people and because of that love, he is a great DC and a huge asset for the IFCO. His ability to bridge the gap between students and the profession is exemplary,” said Dr. Bourla.

Dr. Pinillos has two passions in chiropractic, one of which, he says, cannot do without the other:  he loves teaching at BCC, and he loves being in practice. Dr. Pinillos served as past president of the World Congress of Chiropractic Students, a position that led to his passion for working with future chiropractors. He currently heads the philosophy club at BCC. He wants students to know that things (in school) don’t have to be so difficult. “There is a community of DCs ready to help out in
any moment,” he recently wrote in an email interview. He is impressed with the amount of information available online to students, adding that the Internet allows students from different parts of the world to connect with one another.

Dr. Pinillos became an IFCO member three years ago after attending the global summit. He joined because he believes in supporting organizations that are congruent with his philosophy of practicing straight chiropractic. “Joining the IFCO is the right thing to do if you want Chiropractic to remain Chiropractic,” he said. Through this organization he has met some of the most incredible people in the world, stating that they work hard in service of straight chiropractic.

His leadership roles within the IFCO are multifaceted. He is involved with organization and promotion of the upcoming global summit in Mexico. Jaime also serves as the IFCO Global Student Director, overseeing the creation and organization of the student chapters at chiropractic schools worldwide.  Dr. Bourla emphasized, “I could not be more thrilled to have Jaime lead our student effort worldwide.”

In addition to all of these demanding roles as a leader in our profession, Dr. Pinillos is training for his first marathon later this year. He has been happily married for almost six years, and his only child is a French bulldog aptly named Coccyx. He loves traveling around the world, stating that when he travels for chiropractic events, he always tries to spend some time in the countries he visits.

Having organized philosophy seminars in Mexico, Germany, and South Africa, he stated that seminars in South America are on the horizon. He also has some other surprises in the works. He will be speaking at the global summit next month, where he will be presenting a new project. He is also organizing some technique seminars with his uncle, Dr. Francisco Montaño, in at least three locations which are yet to be determined. He reminds us to not take ourselves so seriously, and to keep smiling. Our great profession is indeed smiling thanks to the amazing efforts of Dr. Pinillos!


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