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Vertebral Subluxation Correction...Nothing More...Nothing Less...Nothing Else


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IFCO International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations


IFCO News: 2012 in Review


  • IFCO leadership traveled raveled to Washington to speak at the CCE hearings, asking for vertebral subluxation care to be included in chiropractic education.
  • IFCO leadership traveled to Atlanta to build a coalition with other groups because both the CCE and the Department of Education do not value the input and values of the smaller chiropractic groups.
  • IFCO leadership traveled to Arizona to speak before the CCE demonstrating how in their own language the new CCE standards omit any education and training of students to be competent in checking asymptomatic people for vertebral subluxation.
  • Developed a plan to initiate student chapters on the campuses of all Chiropractic colleges.
  • Gave out $5000 in scholarship monies to deserving students who are working to make vertebral subluxation centered chiropractic care prominent on their campuses.
  • The second Global Summit in Edinburgh, Scotland was a huge success and we now accepting registration for the 2013 Global Summit in the Dominican Republic. Please plan to be with us for an exciting line up of international speakers.
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