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IFCO Students Prep for TIC Talk Showdown

Posted on 09 Nov 2015 in , , | 0 comments

IFCO Student Chapter meeting(1)The Sherman IFCO Student Chapter held its first Chapter meeting in their new meeting location in Spartanburg, SC where they successfully kicked off this quarter’s challenge. The Sherman Chapter, under the leadership of Billy Stetzel, 4thQ, will be holding bi-weekly meetings where they will practice and hone their communication skills in a “Toastmasters-like” fashion in preparation for a Delivering Your Chiropractic Passion Competition at the beginning of the Winter Quarter at Sherman.

The kickoff meeting was attended by Sherman IFCO Student members who were treated to the communication skills and advice of some of the top communicators in the IFCO. Presentations were made by Sherman Chapter Mentor Dr. Greg Stetzel,  Dr. Kim Stetzel, Dr. Patti Giuliano, Dr. Peter Kevorkian, Dr. Danny Knowles,  Sherman College VP Dr. Neil Cohen, Sherman College Trustee Mr. Todd Picu, and Dr. Liam Schubel. The building is still vibrating from the energy shared at the event. Student Chapter President, Billy Stetzel commented, “I could not have planned or expected a more impactful or exciting start to this quarter’s challenge. We are looking forward to turning our members on to talking TIC and spreading the chiropracTIC message.”

All of our Student Chapters are invited to participate in the Communications Challenge and are encouraged to hold these events and competition at their schools. Chapters are also invited to send their communications champions to Sherman College Lyceum for the first ever IFCO Student “Delivering Your Passion” Championship. More details will be coming your way soon.

Any Chapter representative who would like more information of creating this event can send a request to ifcostudents@gmail.com or contact Sherman Chapter President, Billy Stetzel at billystetzel@yahoo.com.


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