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It Pays to Be an IFCO Member

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Stetzel Family NB

This month’s member highlight section features a dynamic duo, a husband and wife, both of whom have been members of IFCO for over 25 years each. Either Greg or Kim Stetzel would, of their own merits, deserve special recognition for his or her many contributions to chiropractic, but together they are an absolute force to be reckoned with. The list of their positions, awards, and achievements is a long one but amongst their greatest accomplishments they list their 27-yr marriage and their two fantastic children, Bill and Danielle.

Bill, soon to be 24, earned a B.S. in Biology from East Stroudsburg University and is currently a 4th quarter student at Sherman College. Danielle, soon to be 21, earned an A.S. in Exercise Science from Community College of Morris and is currently in her 1st quarter at Sherman.

The Stetzels are thrilled that both of their children have chosen chiropractic as a profession and were delighted to learn that as IFCO members, their children are automatically eligible for scholarship money from the IFCO. (For more information go to our Chiropractic Scholarships section)        

Greg, a 1983 Sherman College graduate, has served on the NJ State Board of Examiners, was President of the Garden State Chiropractic Society as well as a Board member for years, and has held numerous positions in IFCO, including his current position of Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. 

Kim, a 1984 Life University graduate, has also served on the NJ State Board of Examiners as well as on the Board of both the Garden State Chiropractic Society and the Academy of Family Practice. She is a founding member of the League of Chiropractic Women and currently serves as its Secretary. She is also currently a proud member of the Sherman College Board of Trustees. 

Greg and Kim have practiced together for 30 years, in a home office in the great chiropractic state of New Jersey for 30 years. They know it pays to be an IFCO member and the way it looks they will be bringing on some new associates soon. 


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