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Keeping the Sparkle Alive

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by Dr. Peter Kevorkian

There is a certain magic and sparkle that is the fuel of the new practitioner. As much as a recent graduate is filled with much anxiety and fear, the passion and drive to make a difference in the world clearly overwhelms any of the negative.  This is the beginning of success in practice.  Obviously there are many aspects to a successful practice: clinical competency, communication, procedures, etc., but the total investment of oneself to fulfill a dream is at source of making things happen.

As I begin my fourth decade of practice (so hard to believe), I have the opportunity to connect with many seasoned practitioners.  There are some who have created stable established practices and some who have retired and sold their practices.  There is a large majority who find themselves in survival.  Living from week to week in a practice that barely sustains itself.  It saddens me to see this.  Although I am not a practice consultant, I try to offer my insight and support.

Many of these seasoned practitioners know the principle and are excellent at sharing the chiropractic story yet they find themselves with minimal new people.   Promotions don’t bring the results they once did.  People do not commit to care as they did in the past.  Many of these practitioners become paralyzed by fear.  At a time in their life when they should be enjoying the fruits of their labors, they find themselves financially overwhelmed and confused.  I believe the sparkle and magic needs to be reignited.  This passion brings vitality. 

My recommendations here are not just for the “old timer”.  It is a suggestion to all of us.  Just the same way that a workout that varies the movements and energy expenditure provides a better-rounded result, a practice needs to have varied materials, procedures and energy to stay healthy.  Please do not interpret this to say that an effective procedure or technique should be stopped.  I am asking readers to consider changing things that can be changed.

Are there things in the office that have not been touched or read or used in many years?  If so, get rid of them.

Are there wall hangings that have not changed?  There are a plethora of excellent chiropractic educational posters.  Change them up.

Review and redo and redesign your forms every few years.  As we evolve in our practice, our materials need to evolve as well.

Does the carpet and furniture show signs of wear?  Or have they become dated?  Invest in your space.  Create a magical space that you would want to be in all day.

When was the last time you studied a technique?  Maybe a different technique?  Or an advanced technique in the system that you utilize?

Consider changing fee structures.  Although “fee for service” has been the usual system of exchange in our practices, “care plans” may be more consistent with ones philosophy of practice.

See more children.  Having an office full of children and babies has an incomparable vitality.   If you do not feel proficient in family or pediatric care, take a seminar or two.

Get involved in your community and in your profession.  Giving back is the greatest way to receive.  It builds relationships and creates a vacuum. 

Create community.  Whether a regular philosophy group or an annual homecoming or lyceum, there is nothing that compares with being with your tribe and getting dipped in the philosophy and principles that drove you to become a chiropractor.

Quit bitching and whining.  It does nothing to move you forward and only will reinforce “stinking thinking”.  Replace the complaining with gratitude.  Everything in life has the possibility of being a gift.  Find appreciation and opportunity.  If you can’t see it, call a friend or colleague and ask for help.

The IFCO is committed to helping practitioners, from recent grads to retirement; find success in a subluxation-centered practice.  Stay involved!!  Whether it is mentoring or writing or leading, the IFCO is here to help in any way that we can.


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