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November IFCO Member Spotlight

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Inspiring Others–In the Office and Around the World

IFCO Member, Danny Constable, DC, ACP

by Stephanie Harris, DC

Constable speakingDanny Constable, DC, ACP, is drawing attention as a speaker on an international stage for his laser-sharp vision and focus on principled chiropractic.  An inspiration to chiropractors and students alike, he graduated magna cum laud from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2000, and practices in Hofheim, Germany.

Danny discovered the IFCO while attending the Global Summit in the Dominican Republic in 2013.  He was impressed that the content of the conference focused solely on chiropractic philosophy and the expression of life.  “There was nothing about licensure, diagnosis codes, advertising, political in-fighting or whatever else is standard program at other organizational conferences,” he said of the IFCO gathering.  Since becoming a member that year, he has made lifelong friends worldwide through the IFCO.  He credits the organization with having a truly international presence, stating that, “The IFCO has made significant inroads into gaining membership and a presence here in Europe as well as the USA, and Central and South America.” 

He urges other doctors to be financially supportive of organizations that are congruent with their beliefs.  He added, “If your idea of the practice of Chiropractic is the detection and correction of vertebral subluxation to remove interference to the nervous system to allow for the better expression of Innate Intelligence and for the better expression of life, then the IFCO is the association for you.”

To Dr. Constable, his IFCO membership ensures that “the principles of our great profession are being preserved, practiced and promulgated by intelligent, competent people.”  He also loves the familiarity in the organization, and the great network of people involved:  from the President, to the Chair, to the Board Members, to the student chapters, to the everyday practicing members. “Everybody is focused on the practice of Chiropractic in its purest form possible and there is very much a common bond between everybody involved,” he said.

Constable officeDanny’s biggest passion is motivating his colleagues and students to get the Big Idea. “I love adjusting and being in the trenches on a daily basis with patients… but inspiring or empowering a chiropractor or student to realize just how significant what they do is and watching them [come to] understand that, and then create the practice they always wanted is pretty special,” he explained.  He offers these 5 tips for making a difference:  (1) Don’t compare yourself to other people – their path is not yours, (2) Decide who it is you are and what it is you want, (3) Accept Chiropractic to 100% without exception, (4) Do the hard work – there are no short cuts, and (5) Don’t listen to the haters – literally ignore anybody attempting to bring you down to their level. 

Dr. Constable encourages students to get their own lives in order before they try to serve others:  “You have to have complete faith in who you are and what you´re doing. You have to address and get over all the negativity you may have had or still have in your life and get your own life together before you can help someone else get their life together.”  He also insists in having complete unwavering faith in the chiropractic principle:  “There is no situation in life where someone is better off if we leave them subluxated. The cancer patients, the AIDS patients, the stroke patients, the osteoporotic patients, the disc patients, whichever patients you´re seeing they are ALL better off without subluxation.” He then added, emphatically, “So understand that, accept that, and get to work!”

Dr. Constable’s impact from the stage is palpable.  Internationally known chiropractor Liam Schubel enthusiastically stated that Danny is one of his favorite speakers in the world.  “I have not seen someone speak as intelligently and with such deep knowledge of the chiropractic philosophy and its practical application since Reggie Gold,” Schubel said.

Last year Danny completed Sherman College’s Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers (ACP) year-long program, and is currently remodeling his office space to reflect his dream practice.  He lives in Germany with the love of his life, Coco Constable, whom he married earlier this year, and their beautiful baby girl Mia.


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