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President’s Corner – February 2016

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IFCO International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations


The IFCO Board of Directors held its annual meeting on January 30, 2016 in Charlotte, North Carolina.  The South showed its hospitality by providing us with great weather and easy travel to and from…for most of us.  

We found ourselves in a room of dedicated chiropractors from all over the USA and from Sweden (thank you, Dr. Andreas Soderstrom), ready to complete a full agenda of work.  We missed those who could not make the trip but appreciate their contributions from afar.  Dr. Peter Kevorkian did an exemplary job identifying issues that needed to be addressed…and he kept us on task and on time.

We welcomed new board members Drs. Pam Jarboe, Richelle Knowles, and Shawn Dill.


We were pleased to have Marcie McKenna (Palmer Davenport) sitting at the table, representing the students.  Her energy and desire to serve chiropractic are palpable and with her help, we anticipate significantly improving communication and efficiency as she works with the various committees to bring value to the students.

A diverse group of people sat around the table with a common vision.  We shared our thoughts respectfully, even in disagreement. We care about one another. We care about chiropractic.  We care to make a difference. 

In late 2015, Dr. Judy Campanale led a group of IFCO members tasked with developing a Strategic Plan for 2016.  The outcomes are summarized below:

Our goals for 2016 include increasing membership by providing more value to our members.  Dr. Shawn Dill, our newly appointed Membership Chair, provided a plan and the Board felt very encouraged with what we saw.  Look for notices coming in the very near future which outline the plan and what you can expect to receive as members of the IFCO in 2016.

Our student effort, led by Dr. Jaime Pinillos, seeks to reach out to and to involve students in the IFCO mission.  Greater effort will be made this year to get to or near the campuses worldwide.  We believe having Marcie as our Student Liaison will allow us to better communicate the student needs to and from the schools.

We are dedicating ourselves to giving the IFCO a professional/public face lift.  Our mission is too important to not constantly try to find better ways to tell people who we are and what we stand for.  In 2016, we will embark on a branding/identification campaign directed at the profession and the public.

Dr. Christopher Kent continues to keep a watchful eye on politics worldwide, assuring that chiropractic remains intact and thriving.  We could not have a better or more knowledgeable person than Dr. Kent in this position. Rest assured that we will do all we can to preserve the rights of chiropractors to detect, analyze, and correct vertebral subluxation for generations to come.

Speaking of vertebral subluxation, Dr. Bill Decken chaired a committee in 2015 whose task was to define vertebral subluxation.  That definition, shown below, is also on our website:

A vertebral subluxation is an alteration of the intervertebral relationships of one or more articulations of the spinal column or the immediate weight bearing components of the axial skeleton; accompanied by a change in the morphology of the tissue occupying the neural canal and/or intervertebral foramina; as well as an alteration of neural function sufficient to interfere with the transmission of organizing information, considered to be homologous with the mental impulse.

We are grateful to have you in our membership and we encourage you to ask your colleagues, staff, school faculty/administration to join us as we protect and promote chiropractic globally.

Best wishes for all things great,




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