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Student Committee Report

Posted on 24 Jun 2015 in , , | 0 comments

The IFCO Student Committee is expanding our reach into the chiropracTIC community and working to establish IFCO Student Chapters on EVERY chiropractic campus. We hope to announce the formation of the very first INTERNATIONAL Chapter in the near future. Any chiropractic students who would like to A) establish a Chapter at their school or B) Locate their local Chapter should contact the IFCO Student Committee at IFCOStudents@gmail.com

The IFCO Student App is up and running and bringing education and information to our students members now. One of the big projects we are undertaking is to provide the IFCO Student Members with “How to” video tutorials via the App that will help them to be successful starting NOW!

The first tutorials we are seeking will be “How to conduct a chiropracTIC Initial Consultation.” If you have a killer consult and would like to share it with our future generation of chiropracTORS, simply video record your consultation with your phone and send us the file. We will then upload it to a private YouTube account and load it to the App for the students to see and learn.

We will seeking other aspects of practice and procedure that you Master to share with our students so record them when you get the chance and we’ll put them in our file for future use. Each month will bring the students a new aspect of successful IFCO based practice for them to implement in the clinic and eventually in practice.
Thank you in advance for helping us to help our students.


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