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The Value of Ongoing Team Training

Posted on 09 Jan 2016 in , , | 0 comments

Brandi MacDonald

Often when I present, I try to teach the following extremely important concept: You can’t pile your paradigm on top of someone else’s trash. You have to first clear some, if not all, of the trash that is there.  What does this mean and how might it apply to chiropractic and our offices?

First, understand that all of our beliefs are hard wired into our brains. The things we’ve been taught and the way we look at the world in general have been ingrained into our nerve systems from a very early age. The brain creates neuropathways that fire based on our belief systems, our past experiences and our hitting the repeat button. The more we hit the repeat button, the stronger the neurons are. In regards to health, the general public has been fed a lot of garbage from a very young age about health and sickness. Many believe that the body needs drugs, or that germs are the sole cause of illness, or that if we inject toxins into our blood stream we will stay healthy. These ideas and others are STRONGLY embedded in their brains and have been reinforced over and over. In order for a new paradigm to form, those neurons need to be cleared away to allow new neurons and pathways to form. Only then can we  begin to establish new neuropathways and hit the repeat button on them.

What does this mean to you in your office? Well, if you can’t unravel at least some of the crazy, mixed-up thinking that some people have regarding their health, you will not likely get them to fully grasp the benefits of chiropractic, including such important concepts as innate intelligence or subluxation correction, simply because there is no room for it to fit in their brain.

This is the pivotal piece that is missing in many chiropractic offices.  We have to recognize that this takes TIME, REPETITION, and ENERGY. We must acknowledge that the person is not where we are and we shouldn’t expect them to be. We must let them know there are different ways to view health, and we must allow them to question the new information. They are not challenging you, you are challenging their paradigm! This is not about you. Keep telling yourself that. We must book/schedule/recommend long term chiropractic plans, so new pathways can develop and be repeated. People need TIME to process and 12 visits just isn’t enough.  We must re-evaluate functional improvement that the patient can partake in, so they see how feeling or symptoms are irrelevant to function. We must involve our CAs to help if at all possible. CAs spend so much more time with people and they can be an invaluable resource in the education department.

No, it’s not easy. It requires a complete overhaul of our own neuropathways of believing we are ”right.” We need to meet people where they are and bring them along slowly and let go of those who just aren’t ready. It’s the journey that makes our practices, it is not the destination. Enjoy the journey.


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