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Weekly Insider – September 2

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Chiropractors Declare September “First Responders Month”

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Mile High 5:

Delivers the Goods and Elevates Chiropractic to a New Altitude

As anyone who was in attendance this past weekend at Mile High 5 in Westminster, Colorado will attest, organizers and long-standing IFCO members, Drs. Danny and Richelle Knowles and their Mile High team, hit a grand slam!!! Even before the program started, guests were exposed to the generosity of their gracious hosts with pre game festivities that made you feel like you were coming home including both a “Meet and Greet” at the bar of the beautiful Denver Marriott Westminster to reunite with old friends and make new ones and a special edition of IFCO.tv program with co-hosts and IFCO members, Drs. Brian Dooley, Frank Hahn, and Liam Schubel.  

The program started precisely at 7 PM Thursday evening and remained on schedule throughout all 3 days, an unusual but significant sign of respect for the attendees and speakers alike. Dr. Christie Kwon and Dr. Pam Jarboe (both IFCO members) set the bar high for the program with excellent research presentations that were both engaging and expertly presented. The next two days were jam packed with amazing speakers and incredible content including up to 15 hrs of continuing education. Highlights included Dr. Curtis Fedorchuk’s presentation, “Verification, Confirmation and Validation of Vertebral Subluxation”; an inspiring and extremely useful message on finances by Dr. Shawn Dill; Dr. Steve Tullius’ exceptionally well done and heart felt presentation on increasing our impact that included a live performance by a local dance troupe; and the gracious and elegant first lady of Mile High, Dr. Richelle Knowles’ presentation on balance which she is obviously an expert in. Honorable mention also goes to the spectacular presentation by student winner, Francisco Turelli. He’s going to be a powerhouse D.C.!!!

Undoubtedly, the high point of the program was Dr. Danny Knowles himself whose talk encouraged everyone to broaden their reach, up their game, and increase their presence. He has become for us all a shining example of a selfless leader who has taken winning beyond a thing we do for ourselves by elevating everyone around him. His impact is enormous yet he is genuinely humble.  

Beyond the presentations though there was so much more!!!  The Green Book discussion led by Dr. Joel Kinch, as well as the IFCO Q & A session, and the Academy of Chiropractic  Philosophers panel discussion offered open settings for audience participation and spirited conversations.

There were amazing breakout sessions, including Drs. Lacey Book and Shawn Dill on relationships, Dr. Donny Epstein, Drs. Jacob Sims and Jessica Harden from AMPED, and an amazing team training session with Dr. Jen Steinberg. Even the vendors were spectacular. Mile High is serious about insuring that the message presented at the program is congruent and supportive of the vertebral subluxation correction segment of the profession. They will not water down their message by taking money from vendors who do not support the mission and actually turned away more than one vendor.

There was also a Sherman College-sponsored, invitation-only lunch where guests learned of the incredible and unprecedented things that are going on at the school. Over the last few years, Sherman has assembled a top notch administration with Dr. Ed Cordero and Dr. Neil Cohen and their team. They have developed a top notch curriculum under the guidance of Dr. Christopher Kent and they have a top notch faculty to deliver the goods. They have introduced the iPad initiative for top notch learning and now, before the year is over they will begin construction of top notch facilities for a top notch student experience!!! Sherman College is ready to explode to the next level!!

But more than all this, Mile High is squarely focused on giving back. Guests were encouraged from the start to support one of the many students from 7 different schools who were there by buying a breakfast or a lunch or by giving back however possible. They also sponsored a Mile High Student Travel fund raffle. Mile High themselves gave, gave, gave all weekend, not just with great content and great events but with great swag as well, including an extraordinary guide book, bags, t-shirts, and of course an abundance of chocolate!!! And then an 

exciting announcement Saturday night, that the Mile High weekend had raised nearly $55,000 for the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation. Amazing!

Mile High’s tagline is “Elevating Chiropractic to a New Altitude” and clearly they mean business. Their impact is already enormous and they are taking everyone else they can along with them. You are going to want to be a part of this!!! Step up your game right now! You have so many choices, so many things you can do. Join the IFCO. Become a member of the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation. Support Sherman College by becoming a Regent and/or a Roar doctor.

But whatever else you do…. Sign up for Mile High 6, August 16-18, 2018. Registration is open RIGHT NOW at www.milehighchiroregistration.com You will also find streaming access to all 5 Mile High years there as well. Enjoy!

Mark Your Calendars!


New Zealand College of Chiropractic Lyceum

September 15-17, 2017




AMPED Family Conference

 October 6-8, 2017






New Beginnings Philosophy Weekend
October 20 – 22, 2017

Red Bank, NJ

Featuring a special session to honor Dr. Joseph B. Strauss with a Lifetime Achievement Award!!


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