Robert Berkowitz, DC; Family Chiropractic Health Center of Highland Park, NJ

Middlesex County, one mile from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ campus.
459 Mountain Avenue Middlesex New Jersey 08846 US
732-572-7070 & 908-420-5275 (cell)732-572-7070 & 908-420-5275 (cell)

Solo practitioner at same location since 1981, dedicated to a non-therapeutic Chiropractic practice.
Care is based on the premise that all life strives for balance, and strives to the best of its ability, under its current circumstances.
Chiropractic’s objective it to provide a better circumstance for your body to strive by addressing structural aberrancies termed vertebral subluxation.
Since 1981, I have committed to being reasonable, available, and affordable.
For further clarification, feel free to call either phone number at any time to help you determine if my office is a good match for you and your family.

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