IFCO Update | July 2013


IFCO:  Not Your Father’s Chiropractic Organization

Maybe you have noticed.

On your iPad.  On Facebook. Live on the road with IFCO TV.

The all new logo and website – IFCOChiro.org.

At any chiropractic college, in every corner of the country, and all around the world, IFCO is going places it’s never been before.  (Maybe you’ve even noticed the all new format for the IFCO UPDATE.)  That’s because the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations is not your father’s chiropractic organization.

IFCO (formerly FSCO—Federation of Straight Chiropractors and Organizations) has been taking its legendary commitment to promoting and protecting the practice of chiropractic that is exclusive to the location and correction of vertebral subluxation for everyone and at all stages of life and given it a new energized and decidedly younger look.  With all new vitality, access to the latest technology, and solid, principled leadership (new and old), IFCO is among the fastest growing chiropractic organizations on the planet today.  And it is showing up everywhere!

IFCO leaders are dismayed at the increasing medicalization of chiropractic and are more involved than ever to change the direction of this trend.  Of course, IFCO President, Shane Walker, DC, and IFCO Chairman, Bill Decken, DC, are involved but so is each individual member of the IFCO Board of Directors many of whom have been active members for decades.  Joining them recently are some new faces who are shaking things up in chiropractic including Jack Bourla, DC (California Chiropractic Association’s Chiropractor of the Year) and Andreas Soderstrom, DC (President of the Nordic Alliance in Sweden).  Also joining the IFCO leadership ranks recently are U.S. regional representatives:  Jack Bourla (West Coast), Lyle Koca and Erick Swenson  (Midwest), and Frank Hahn (East Coast).  Add to this representatives in many countries around the world including Argentina, Peru, and the United Kingdom and IFCO student reps that are absolutely on fire and you have a force to be reckoned with.

IFCO leaders are writing letters, meeting with congress people, making phone calls and putting their money where their mouth is in the United States and around the globe.  They are involved in the DaVinci group, the Sustainability committee, the CCE hearings, and individual state’s issues.  IFCO leaders are anywhere that your ability to correct vertebral subluxation because it, in and of itself, is a detriment to the fullest expression of life is being threatened.  They are getting positions on state boards, on international boards, and in all areas of chiropractic politics. They are showing up and speaking out about all manner of things chiropractic.

Of course, IFCO is against drugs in chiropractic but so much more than that as well.  The fact that anyone would want to include drugs in chiropractic is just a symptom of a much bigger problem.  Chiropractic from its beginning was separate and distinct from everything else because it was NOT medicine.  So yes, of course, IFCO leaders are working hard to keep drugs and surgery out of your scope of practice, but they are equally concerned with any mandate to include anything medical into chiropractic’s scope of practice.  They continue to insist that vertebral subluxation remain a sole rationale for care, that CCE represent ALL stakeholders including minority viewpoints as mandated by the federal government, that chiropractors are not primary care physicians but rather separate and distinct from medicine as portal of entry health care professionals, and that we need to educate government officials and the public at large about the benefits of chiropractic for people of all ages, over their lifetime, regardless of the presence or absence of symptoms.

All of this has inspired an unprecedented movement in the membership to stand up and be counted too.  Our members are “old school” philosophers and “new school” coaches and practice management consultants and everyone in between.  They are chiropractic college presidents, faculty members, administrators, and students. They are authors and readers and researchers and scientists and are often presenters at IRAPS (International Research and Philosophy Symposium).  They belong to the Foundation for Vertebral Subluxation, the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), the League of Chiropractic Women and many other groups and organizations because IFCO members are passionate people and they LOVE chiropracTIC. And members are following the IFCO’s leaders and pursuing all avenues to be involved and have their voices heard too.

IFCO is committed to principled chiropractic.  The current and immediate short-term goals of the organization are to expand even further to include IFCO chiropractors in 150 countries, IFCO chiropractors on every state board in the United States, IFCO student chapters at every chiropractic school worldwide and to drive students to chiropractic programs worldwide. That is definitely not your father’s chiropractic organization, but it is the one to watch in the 21st century because it is taking over the planet!



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