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The Future of Chiropractic

We’re Here to Support You

Whether you are a chiropractic student, doctor of chiropractic, chiropractic organization or member of the public, the International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations is here for you. We recognize and support your right to practice and receive vertebral-subluxation centered chiropractic care and are here to ensure that right and spread access to that care throughout the world.

Who We Are

We work tirelessly to ensure that throughout all stages of life, every individual has the opportunity to be checked regularly for vertebral subluxation and adjusted when necessary.

IFCO at Work Around the Globe

IFCO is on the move around the globe protecting chiropractors’ and students’ ability to practice and the public’s right to access vertebral subluxaton centered care.


Get the latest resources and support you need in the areas of chiropractic philosophy, science and art. Get access to exclusive webinars, videos, audio, and more on your time and at your pace.


Looking to expand your practice success and impact in your community. We’ve partnered with some of the leading experts to bring you the best of business and marketing principles to help you grow.


Connect with other doctors and students on the same mission and purpose who are looking to succeed in practice and life and through clinical excellence and dedication to their communities.

Receive practice tips, professional news and updates and other valuable resources. 

The adjustment of the subluxation to release pressure upon nerves, to restore mental impulse flow, to restore health, is big enough to rebuild the thoughts and actions of the world.

B.J. Palmer

Over 7 Billion People on the Planet

The “Big Idea” of chiropractic recognizes that vertebral subluxation has far reaching negative consequences for not only the individual, but also for society and humanity as a whole. 

The IFCO invites you to join us in making the Big Idea a reality.

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