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Protecting Your Rights

The International Federation of Chiropractors and Organizations is here to protect your right to practice and the right of the public to access vertebral subluxation centered care regardless of symptoms for the fullest expression of life.

Membership Levels

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First Year DC:

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CAs, Non-DC Spouses, General Supporter

Organizational Membership

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Benefits of Membership

IFCO membership comes with tremendous value.

In addition to IFCO working hard to ensure your right to practice a subluxation based model in your office, you also get the following with your yearly membership:

  • Schubel Vision Elite – 6 month until practice opening guideline helping you to dial in EXACTLY what you need to be doing now to ensure your success in your new practice.
  • Free HIPAA Employee Training from expert Dan McCoy with Tech Subluxation
  • Discounted tickets on all IFCO Events
  • Black Diamond Club’s Target Market Tutorial, a video and worksheet that will help you better identify your ideal client and understand your target market.
  • Sal Bytes – Monthly Articles about IFCO History by Dr. Sal Martingano
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