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Enjoy some of these favorite IFCO TV videos from previous shows and come back for live events.

Dr. Reggie Gold - Valley of the Blind

Dr. Gold’s famous 1972 talk at Palmer College of Chiropractic’s graduation.

IFCO-TV with Donny Epstein at Mile High Chiropractic Weekend

IFCO-TV Donny Epstein Chiropractor – Mile High Chiropractic Weekend

Dr. Thomas Gelardi IFCO-TV Chiropractic

Dr. Thomas Gelardi IFCO-TV Chiropractic – New Beginnings Weekend

Lyceum Sherman College of Chiropractic - Dr. Michael Viscarelli

Co-hosts, Drs. Liam Schubel and Daniel Knowles, chat Dr. Michael Viscarelli, who had a million dollar practice only 2.5 years out of school. Listen in to find out how he had 174 new practice members in his first 5 days the doors were open.

Dr. Christopher Kent with Drs. Frank Hahn and Liam Schubel

Co-hosts, Drs. Frank Hahn and Liam Schubel, interview the “Smartest Man in Chiropractic.” Dr. Christopher Kent shares on the state of research in Chiropractic and how he became a DC.

Interview with Dr Edwin Cordero and Dr Liam Schubel

Dr. Liam Schubel interviews the president of Sherman College, Dr. Edwin Cordero. A great conversation about Sherman College and the direction of the Chiropractic profession.

Dr. Joe Borio at Mile High

Co-hosts, Drs. Liam Schubel and Frank Hahn, interview Dr. Joe Borio. This episode of IFCO-TV was filled with laughs and edutainment. Learn what makes this Chiropractor one of the highest volume practitioners on the planet.

IFCO-TV Chiropractic Global Summit 4 - Irene Gold, Phil McMaster, Edwin Cordero

Dr. Liam Schubel LIVE from Global Summit 4 in Miami. IFCO-TV had an all-star lineup with Drs. Irene Gold, Phil McMaster and Edwin Cordero. Topics discussed: New Zealand College of Chiropractic Lyceum, Stories from the book GOLD, & Sherman College of Chiropractic’s influence in our profession, plus a lot more fun & laughter!
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